De Nieuwe Stad

Gulden Kruis
Bijlmer Oost
Architectenburo L. Lafour & R. Wijk
Bouwvereniging De Nieuwe Stad
Metro 53-54
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1991-93, Amsterdam, 1994, p. 36-37; Maarten Kloos, 'Een gebouw als een duinpan', Archis, no. 7/1994, p.76-80.

Church for five communities

The task of designing a meeting-place for five different religious denominations resulted in a triangular building with one rounded side. A centrally situated oval hall, whose space is defined by fourteen columns, separates two fan-shaped assembly-rooms from an office, smaller meeting rooms and kitchen.

The penetration of light was employed as a basic principle in the design. The roof of the oval is slightly raised to allow light to penetrate. In the assembly rooms the vertical strips of window between the concrete panels, which are positioned like scales, provide oblique illumination along the walls. Most of the smaller rooms are given an open character by the use of glass partitions. Because of the diversity of users, all religious symbolism has been omitted. From the outside, the church makes a closed and inobtrusive impression. (ARCAM/BM)