The Pyramids

Jan van Galenstraat, Marcantilaan
Sjoerd Soeters
Soeters van Eldonk architecten
AM Wonen, Woonmaatschappij Zomers Buiten
Van Wijnen
bus 18, 252 Markthallen
Kantoren, Wonen

Housing block with 82 apartments

The urban design scheme for the northern part of Marcanti-eiland, in Amsterdam’s Westerpark district, was drawn up by Soeters Van Eldonk Ponec Architecten (now called Soeters Van Eldonk Architecten). One of the projects within this planning area, a 50 metre-high housing complex with 82 apartments, was also designed by Soeters Van Eldonk Ponec. Built in 2006, the housing complex is situated on Jan van Galenstraat, opposite Grootshandelsmarkt.

The development plan for the southern part of Marcanti-eiland, drawn up in the 1980s by Sier van Rhijn, has its own urban structure. According to Soeters, this neighbourhood was hidden away in Amsterdam’s urban fabric. With his robust design for ‘the pyramids’, Soeters has sought to put this piece of the city back on the map. The residential building consists of two interlocking triangular towers, each with a lift and stairwell and with terraces in the stepped sides. The triangular shape of the towers refers to the contours of Marcanti-eiland. At the back of the building, an urban square has been created on the roof of a half-sunken parking garage. The same red brick has been used for the square and for the residential towers. The parking garage’s ventilation pipes, which have the appearance of old-fashioned chimneys, also mark the stairs to the garage. (ARCAM/FB)