De Tagrijn

Vespuccistraat, Bartholomeus Diazstraat
Hoofdweg e.o.
Meyer & Van Schooten
Woningbouwvereniging Het Oosten
Tram 13-14
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-96, Amsterdam 1997, p.78-79.

Three housing blocks with 82 dwellings and five working accommodations

Vespuccistraat is situated in the Mercatorplein district, a neighbourhood characterized by the architecture of the Amsterdam School. Some of the characteristics of this architecture, such as towers and the use of brick, have been incorporated in the new development.

The project consists of three blocks. On Vespuccistraat are two virtually symmetrical blocks containing 58 dwellings and 5 commercial premises. Because a market is held in this street, the block has been raised half a storey so that occupants on the ground floor can look out over the market stalls. The ground floor in the corner ‘towers’ contains the commercial spaces.

The fa├žade at the front comprises an aluminium grid in a brick frame. Within this grid are the balconies. which are staggered per storey. The stairwells are situated next to the ‘towers’ in the side streets and are linked to continuous galleries via which the dwellings are accessed.

The third block, De Tagrijn, is situated in Bartholomeus Diazstraat. This block contains 24 dwellings behind a glazed screen. This screen masks the individuality of the dwellings. (ARCAM/BM)