Animal rescue center

Ookmeerweg 271
Floor Arons, Arnoud Gelauff
Arons en Gelauff Architecten
Landschapsontwerp: Ruwan Aluvihare
Gemeente Amsterdam, Stichting Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam
BAM Utiliteitsbouw
Tram 17, stop Baden Powellweg, 12 min. lopen

Animal rescue Centre

As from 2012, national regulations for animal rescue centres became much stricter, as a result of which centres throughout the country were obliged to build new facilities. In Amsterdam, this was especially urgent because two rescue centres in the city had to merge. A building has been realized for the new organization in Osdorp, on the western edge of the city. With 180 dog kennels and 480 cat cages, the rescue centre is the biggest in the country.

The building’s exterior attracts attention from afar due to the use of metal fa├žade panels in various shades of green. This colour alludes to the grass in the immediate vicinity. The building is draped like a narrow ribbon along the edges of the triangular plot, as a result of which the dimensions of the completely enclosed outdoor play areas are maximized. Because the building surrounds these areas it functions as a noise barrier, limiting noise for local residents. The entrance, offices, public reception area and veterinary practice are located in a transversely positioned block in the middle of the building. In the northern section, the newly arrived animals undergo a medical examination and pass through a resocialization programme. They are then moved to another section where they wait for a new owner. What is innovative here is that they are no longer placed by themselves in a kennel, but are put together with other animals.