Floating Waternet offices

Papaverweg 54
Niels Kruisheer, Rop van Loenhout, Rickerd van der Plas
Attika Architekten
Waternet, sector onderzoek en projecten
ABC Arkenbouw
Bus 91, stop Pinksterbloemstraat + 10 min. walk
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2010-2011; ARCAM POCKET 24. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Sustainable boat

There are many areas of Amsterdam where there has been a long tradition of living on water; the canals and IJsbaanpad, for example, and, more recently, IJburg’s Waterbuurt. And now, since 2011, Amsterdam Noord can boast a floating office building.

The floating building was built, to a design by Attika Architects, for the Waternet water company. This company’s dredging team and floating rubbish collectors were previously housed in a building on Papaverweg, but in order to free up space for the redevelopment of Buiksloterham, they were asked to relocate. Waternet, however, decided to stay in the area, which is strategically located in relation to the city’s canals and waterways, and build a floating office.

The building is surrounded by floating jetties where Waternet’s twenty boats can moor and comprises a concrete base on top of which are two storeys. The top floor houses office space, with a reception area and a lobby below. The lowest storey, which is partly below water level, contains changing rooms and showers, where staff can wash and change after work. The element water is omnipresent in the building. Three large windows provide a view of the water and the jetties with boats. The reeds with which the walls are clad act as a natural body warmer and lend the building a pleasant aura.

The floating building was built using cradle-to-cradle materials. There are solar boilers on the roof and the base contains a heat exchanger. As a result, the building is very sustainable. (ARCAM / YK)