Aalbersestraat 76-130, 132-186, 188-242, Leenhofstraat 1-151, Sam van Houtenstraat 201-279, Strackestraat 90-151
Arjan Gooijer, Hans Meijer
Van Schagen architecten
Van der Tol landschapsarchitecten
Delta Forte

Renovated Dudok housing

In the late fifties, a small development comprising six blocks of flats was built in Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, part of the Westelijke Tuinsteden. The buildings are also known as the ‘Dudokhaken’, after the architect Willem Dudok and the L-shaped site layout in which the blocks were designed. The buildings comprised a storage area, above which were four storeys and an attic space where washing was dried. There were no lifts.

Often this type of housing no longer meets modern requirements. However, rather than opting for demolition, which is common practice in post-war expansion areas, the housing association Stadgenoot decided to renovate the buildings. The dwellings are small, so how do you add volume without spoiling the original L-shaped layout and architecture? The Rotterdam architectural office Van Schagen found a solution to this by adding a storey on top of the buildings: the drying attics have been raised in order to create space. In addition, some flats have been knocked together, balconies have been extended and lifts installed in the angle of the L shape, thereby creating a new entrance. These alterations mean that the flats are now suitable for the elderly, the disabled, large families and young people. In addition to rental dwellings, there are a large number of owner-occupied dwellings. The renovation project is in the top fifteen of the ‘Gouden Piramide’ (Golden Pyramid), the state prize for inspiring commissioning.

The area around the buildings has also been redeveloped, by Van der Tol garden designers and landscape architects. The trees in the inner courtyards, but also the basic principles of ‘light, air and space’ of the architects of the fifties, were the inspiration for the artist Andre Pielage, who has designed three fences that serve to mark boundary lines and create reflected light in the courtyards.

The project won the ‘Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2010’, a price for the best initiative in the field of redevelopment or renovation of existing complexes. (ARCAM/VKB)