(NL) Ecoëxistentie / Bouwen voor Biodiversiteit

Vogelhuisdakpan, Klaas Kuiken, 2009

Vogelhuisdakpan, Klaas Kuiken, 2009

Turning the city into a place for people, animals and plants alike – that’s what the project Ecoexistence / Building for Biodiversity is all about. Much more than generally is the case, the city can be made into an environment for all kinds of living nature. Animals and plants are attracted by a city’s wide variety of biotopes. And city dwellers find it enjoyable to live with rich nature.

In a city like Amsterdam, many different species of plants and animals live – and sometimes these are very special ones. But biodiversity in the city can gain much more weight if we consciously pay attention to it in the design, construction and management of the city. The program Ecoexistence / Building for Biodiversity aims to contribute with a series of activities in 2014 and 2015. As this field of interest is still in its infancy, research has a prominent place in the program.

Arcam facilitates and coordinates literature- and design research, conducted from the second half of 2014 by DS Landscape Architects, consultants Lehner / Gunther, and students and alumni of Leiden University, the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam and the Design Academy Eindhoven. The results of this study will be used in a design workshop that takes place in the spring of 2015. This workshop focuses specifically on the Cruquius area in Amsterdam East, an area with industry-related businesses and workshops that is on the verge of a transformation process. The results of the entire project will be processed in an exhibition and a symposium in spring 2015. 


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