Stockbroker’s office

Rokin 99
Mart van Schijndel
Oudhoff Effecten
Tram 4-9-16-20-24
Paul Groenendijk, 'Overweldigend effectbejag. Kleurig effectenkantoor van Van Schijndel aan Rokin', Architectuur en Bouwen, december 1990, p.10-13.
Kantoren, Wonen

Combination of office and dwelling

Rokin is flanked by buildings from many different periods ranging from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. One of the most striking premises on the east side of the street is the stockbrokers’ office Oudhof Effecten.

The building, designed by Mart van Schijndel, matches the adjacent buildings in height and facade articulation. It stands out from other premises, however, with its conspicuously postmodern exterior. Classical elements such as the tympanum and keystone, are combined with a striking colouration, polished granite and reflective glass windows.

The building contains a dwelling as well as offices, both of which are organized around a central stairwell. The apartment is on the top floor behind the typmanum. The rooflight and atriums allow daylight to penetrate deep into the building. (ARCAM/IK)