Zanstra, Gmelig Meyling, De Clercq Zubli
Tabak's Automobielbedrijven
Tram 7-10-17; bus 80-82-89-145-142-170-171-172-197
'Parkeergarage te Amsterdam', Bouw, no 5 (1970), p. 9.

Parking garage with filling station and showroom

The enormous increase in car traffic in the city centre in the sixties necessitated the construction of a parking garage. And so the Europarking was built on the corner of Elandsgracht and Marnixstraat.

The building has seven storeys and contains a total of 640 parking spaces. A filling station, a car shop and a showroom were later added to the complex. The parking garage is built on columns because space was needed for the neighbouring bus station. The columns are so positioned that the buses are able to turn. In connection with this, the access and exit ramps are situated outside the building in the shape of a double spiral. The building and the columns have a construction of reinforced concrete.

The spandrel panels of the storeys consist of white painted prefabricated concrete slabs above which are strips of fenestration. As a result, the building is wind-proof and rain-proof. In the autumn of 2001, a centre for the homeless was built at ground level beneath the parking garage. (ARCAM/BU)