Claus en Kaan Architecten
Stadsdeel Noord
Bus 35, halte Mosplein
C. Ferrater, Claus en Kaan, Barcelona 1997; Matthijs Bouw, 'Verzamelen', de Architect 1995-2, p.59-61.
Bedrijven, Kantoren

Two industrial buildings with office space and workshops

The two inexpensive, small commercial premises designed by Claus & Kaan as part of a quality improvement plan for the bussiness-park in Amsterdam-Noord are intended for small skilled craft companies.

These are housed in two low-rise buildings comprising sheds. High-rise volumes linked to this series of units contain offices and also give an urban accent to the area.

By using wooden cladding, a relation has been sought with the historical buildings of the Zaanstreek area (which lies close to this part of Amsterdam), though the planks made from Western Red Cedar and coated in linseed oil have not been used as shingles. Instead, an attempt has been made to make the façade as flat as possible, with the intention of giving the building an alienating appearance: is it wood or concrete one sees? The strips of windows across the whole width of the façade help to increase the abstractness of the design. (ARCAM)