City Hotels

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A hotel’s location can make or break it – while at the same time hotels can give the surrounding area a boost.There is an increasingly strong interaction between a city and its hotels, and that is precisely the intention in Amsterdam.

No one can have failed to notice the large number of new hotels that have opened in Amsterdam within a short space of time. More than half of these hotels are buildings with a special cultural or historic value. These buildings are given a second or even third life, while the hotels gratefully make use of the original architecture. In keeping with the current trend and with Amsterdam’s policy, these hotels, with all their facilities open to the general public, are presenting themselves as city hotels. Increasingly, therefore, Amsterdam’s citizens are to be found in the city’s hotels – without having checked in.

The exhibition City Hotels features a small but carefully considered selection of fifteen characteristic hotels. Former school buildings, banks, offices and even a diamond-cutting factory have been converted into hotels with facilities that are open to the general public and are not just for hotel guests. There is a trend for dining out and drinking in hotels, but you can also go there for yoga lessons, to view art, use the sauna or even skate on the roof.

In this exhibition, drawings, photographs, objects and diagrams illustrate the physical reorientation of the buildings. In addition, a number of authors give their assessment of the cultural impact of these city hotels.They visited the hotels in order to sample the atmosphere and relate their experiences, both novel and mundane, in the short texts featured here.

City Hotels in this exhibition
Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, art’otel amsterdam, Conservatorium Hotel, Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam, Hotel De Hallen, Ramada Apollo Hotel Amsterdam Centre, Sir Albert Hotel, The Student Hotel, Hotel V Nesplein, Volkshotel, W Hotel Amsterdam, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, WOW Amsterdam, Zoku.

Initiators and producers of City Hotels are Office Winhov and Arcam.