Farming the City

This event was the result of a six-month research project into the practice, potential and future development of urban agriculture, with a focus on Amsterdam. The research has outlined the unexplored potential of urban farming as a tool for positive urban development. The exhibition brought together practical tools and initiatives that can help us to develop urban agriculture using existing city infrastructure, with the aim of supporting economic viability, social equity and better living environments in our cities. The exhibition also showed the results of a detailed investigation into urban agriculture in Amsterdam, focusing on 20 innovative projects. The investigation’s outputs, available as reports and videos, outline project practice, aims, opportunities and challenges, along with suggestions for future action.

During the opening the website was launched: It is a free online resource featuring and mapping a diverse range of city farming projects across Amsterdam. It is the first online tool to empower and support the creation of a local food system in Amsterdam.

Farming the City exhibition and are demonstrating that we can make better use of existing city assets such as our urban infrastructure, our green spaces and our neglected and underused buildings and places to help support ourselves by growing food. It also shows that we can use new food growing, sourcing, packaging and distribution technologies, both high and low tech, to make the city more edible, greener, healthier, wealthier and happier.

On top of things ARCAM and Cities present the first urban agriculture cycle route in Urban Augmented Reality; UAR, a free downloadable application for Iphone and Android.