Bicycle shelter

Meer en Vaart
Buro voor architectuur Jan Griffioen
Woonstichting De Doelen
Tram 1-17, bus 23
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1991-93, Amsterdam, 1994, p.42-43; Bouw nr.11, 4 juni 1993, p.21-23.

Bicycle shelter on three floors

Here the architect was commissioned to design a secure shelter for bicycles belonging to the residents of the apartment building ‘Meer en Vaart’, a housing project providing housing for young people. Because the construction of such a facility beneath the building would have been too expensive, it was decided to design a freestanding bicycle shelter on three flours.

Each section of the apartment building has its own separate compartment within the shelter. The ground floor (eighty centimetres below surface level) and the two upper floors can be accessed via wide stairs with a gently sloping ramp and guideways. For reasons of security, a transparent structure has been chosen built of galvanized steel and with floors of corrugated steel and concrete. This structure is crowned by a curved steel roof which, with a single sweep, shelters all its components. In addition to normal lighting, the building has a number of floodlights which illuminate the underside of the roof. (ARCAM/BM)