Bosbaan 4
Amsterdamse Bos
Mecanoo Architecten
Dienst Amsterdam Beheer
K. Dekker Aannemingsbedrijf B.V., Warmenhuizen
sneltram 51 halte Nijenrodeweg / Amstelveenseweg + 5 min wandelen

Finish tower at the rowing track

Bosbaan, one of the most characteristic elements of the woods Amsterdamse Bos, is an elongated strip of water 2.2 kilometres long and 118 metres wide, which is popular with anglers and rowers. As part of the professionalization of Dutch rowing and the organization of international competitions, Bosbaan has been widened, an Olympic Training Centre (OTC) has been built and the existing tower at the finish has been replaced.

The old tower was demolished because it was structurally unsound and Mecanoo architects designed a new tower, most of which had to be built on the old foundations. For this reason, the building is designed to be as light as possible.

The tower consists of two rectangular volumes of different height. The lower volume consists of two storeys and contains spaces for the competition officials and the jury and sanitary facilities. The volume above houses the speaker. On the water side, the elevation is almost entirely of glass. On the ground floor, large sliding windows give access to a terrace. The elevations that are further from the water are clad with silver-coloured zinc sheets, so that the building has a more closed character on the park side. As a result, the building is emphatically oriented to what it is all about here: the finish line. (ARCAM/LM)