Residential building Westereind

Harry Koningsbergerstraat
J. Rietveld en P.A. Bloemsma
Bus 21; tram 14
Paul Salomons, Simone Doorman, Jan Rietveld, Rotterdam 1990, p.50-53; Gerrit Oorthuijs, 'Jan Rietveld', Forum, november/december 1980, p. 6-17.

Residential building containing 83 one-room flats and 44 two-room flats

This building was one of the first postwar residential buildings to be specially designed for single persons, retired people and couples without children. The building is modelled on Le Corbusier’s Unit? d’Habitation in Marseille. For example, in addition to the dwellings, the architects had initially planned a restaurant on the ground floor and a roof terrace.

Finally, however, it was decided that the ground floor should house storage spaces and an office space. The building contains in addition 83 one-room flats and 44 two-room flats, which are situated on either side of an internal gallery. A characteristic feature of the building is the positioning of dwellings at the head elevations.

The floor plans and the elevations have been designed on a one-metre module. The projecting balconies and stairwell interrupt the facade surface, but because of the module employed the unity of the exterior is preserved. The building is constructed entirely of poured concrete which later was painted white.(ARCAM/MB)