FLEXcellence, private housing

Lisdoddelaan 81-89
Kleine Rieteiland, IJburg
Michel Post, Michelle van Schaijk
Michel Post Architecten
Particuliere opdrachtgevers
Tram 26, stop Ruisrietstraat

Five private plots designed within concept

There are 140 private plots on Kleine Rieteiland. Here, private clients can build their own home free from aesthetic control. The only regulations that apply here are laid down in an urban design scheme by Bosch Architects (2001) and concern the building envelope and parking (compulsory on-plot parking).

What is unique about the FLEXcellence project on Lisdoddelaan is that five private dwellings have been realized here within a concept devised by the architect. The future occupants had a major say regarding the size and layout of their new home. Each property consists of several basic volumes for the ground floor and the upper floors. All entrances are situated on a patio and daylight penetrates deep into all dwellings.

Extra volumes could be added if desired and the future occupants could choose to live on the ground floor or on the floor above. Properties with the living zone on the ground floor have a large garden, while those with the living zone on the floor above have a large south-facing terrace on top of the carport. As a result of these options, the future occupants had a direct influence on the cost and aura of their new home. The latter is also determined by the fact that the five properties form a clear unity due to the use of the same materials and formal idiom. This unity is further emphasized by the long concrete band that spans the five entrance gateways on the street side and creates visual tranquillity in the otherwise busy street frontage of Lisdoddelaan. (ARCAM/YK/MK)