Livecast From now on… according to Charlie Koolhaas

‘… all predications are obsolete.’ About diversity in a globalised world.

Charlie Koolhaas © Aad Hoogendoorn

The world is turned upside down, with empty streets for the past couple of months. Behind this seeming tranquility, there has been a storm raging through our values and structures. It gave us the space to think about a complete ‘reset’. How can we restructure existing dysfunctional systems?

In this series, Pakhuis de Zwijger together with partners will showcase the perspectives of a variety of thought leaders who will reflect on our present-day situation. Through the lens of their own area of expertise and with an emphasis on the power of design and imagination. The corona crisis is, without a doubt, a crisis that is leaving behind a trail of victims. But which transformations will we be left within the aftermath? During these times, it is the creatives, philosophers, scientists, makers, and designers who can visualise new scenarios, and through hypothesising can develop new insights into our future.

About Charlie Koolhaas
Charlie Koolhaas is a sociologist, artist, photographer, teacher, and writer. After growing up in London, she graduated with a BA in Sociology from New York University and started a career contributing to newspapers and magazines with writing and photography. In 2004 she received her MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmith University. Through her work, Charlie aims to shed new light on the processes of globalisation and multiculturalism.

In February 2020, Charlie published her latest book CITY LUST, just before the current interlocking avalanche of crises’ – corona, economic warfare, police brutality – for all of which it provides a context. Oscillating between written story and photographic image, it is a record of the globalisation of our cultures and economies over the last two decades – as it impacts the daily lives of five linked global cities on different continents (London, Guangzhou, Lagos, Dubai, Houston). CITY LUST portrays a global landscape that contradicts the current pessimism – to reveal new creativities, unexpected possibilities, and intimate connections that emerge despite huge global and economic divides.