Aurora Building

Stadhouderskade 2
Piet Zanstra
Tram 1-2-5-20; bus 170-172
Robert Mens, Bart Lootsma en Jos Bosman, Le Corbusier en Nederland, Utrecht 1985.
Commercieel, Wonen

Corner-building with shops, offices and dwellings

Like Autopon at the other end of Overtoom, the Aurora Building is a resolutely modernist building whose style refers to the work of Le Corbusier. With their function and height, both buildings were part of the business core formation which obsessed Amsterdam in the sixties. This metropolitan architecture housed offices, shops and apartments.

Like Autopon, it seems as if the building stands freely on its columns, in accordance with one of Le Corbusier’s tenets. Beneath the columns – in conformity with the Dutch logic of being economical with space and money – is rented retail space.

The increase in scale along Stadhouderskade, where more and more large office buildings and hotels were erected, began back in the twenties. With the construction of Aurora, the corner with Overtoom acquired a monumental presence, with an unusual treatment of the corner. The curved, continuous facade with its series of vertical windows creates a smooth transition between the two streets. (ARCAM/JEA)