Oostelijk Havengebied
Felix Claus en Dick van Wageningen
Claus en Kaan Architecten
Oosterveem, Stichting Woningbedrijf Amsterdam
IBC Bouwgroep BV
Bus 43 vanaf CS of Muiderpoort, halte Kattenburg
Stedelijke woningdienst Amsterdam, Woningbouwplannen Amsterdam 1999/2000, projectdocumentatie, Amsterdam, 2000.

Apartments in office guise

The Gibraltar building is eleven floors high. The ground floor contains six double-height live/work units. Above these, from the second to the eleventh floor, there are sixty public sector rental apartments. The facades are far from typical for social housing. To judge from the businesslike, regular styling, Gibraltar could easily be mistaken for an office block.

The south facades are articulated by a uniform grid of storey-high windows. Individual dwellings cannot be distinguished in these facades. The light cream colour of the concrete makes the building stand out from most others on Oostelijke Handelskade, where dark tints predominate. On the side facing the IJ, where the main entrance is located, the building projects a gentler image. The facade here consists of a glass membrane in front of galleries in yellow, orange and red hues.

As a social housing project, Gibraltar is unusual in the way the homes are allocated to tenants. The Ymere housing corporation established a new selection procedure for this project, in which candidate residents were first selected on the basis of their housing preferences. They revealed these preferences by completing a questionnaire without knowing what kind of dwelling they might be eligible for. This procedure resulted in a direct match between the demand and supply for the dwellings to be allocated. (ARCAM/TJ)