Green Fingers

In connection with the cycle race ‘Ronde van het Groene Hart ‘ (Tour of the Green Heart), which has taken place on 25 March, in February 2007 ARCAM turned the spotlight on the Green Heart in relation to Amsterdam. The focus of this exhibition were the green wedges. Amsterdam is organized by means of a finger plan in which red zones are pierced by green wedges. The wedges have various functions, but by and large their function is to bring recreation in green space closer to the city dweller. In the exhibition, the wedges are examined individually using themes such as the history of the areas, boundaries, city planning, infrastructure and environment. In addition, attention has been given to the future of the wedges.
ARCAM organised a discussion on this theme, see for further information discussions and former government advisor for landscape- architecture Dirk Sijmons gave a lecture in de Brakke Grond.