Harbour-master’s office

De Ruijterkade
W.M. Dudok & R.M. Magnée
Scheepvaartvereniging Noord
Bus 48-49
W.M. Dudok, 'Havengebouw te Amsterdam', Bouwkundig Weekblad 1960, p. 381-87; H. van Bergeijk, W.M. Dudok, architect-stedebouwkundige 1884-1974, V&K Naarden 1995.

Office building for the harbour services

In 1965, the shipping association ‘Noord’ commissioned the design of a new building for the harbour services, which had outgrown the old Scheepvaarthuis on Prins Hendrikkade. Together with Magnée, Dudok designed a thirteen-storey slab building, which stands at right angles to the adjacent railway lines and the IJ, and four staff residences situated parallel to the rails.

In addition to the slab building and the staff dwellings, they also designed a seven-storey office building, parallel with the IJ waterfront. Originally, the building was to house the Chamber of Commerce, but this part of the design was never realized.

The reinforced concrete frame which supports the building enabled construction to be carried out very quickly. This frame is clearly visible on top of the building, where the storey is set back in order to make room for a steel structure containing a restaurant. The facade consists of prefabricated concrete sheets with white tiles. (ARCAM/VK)