Hertzberger’s Amsterdam

Herman Hertzberger has turned 75 in 2007 year and definitely attained éminence gris status. ARCAM seized the opportunity in order to present all of the architect’s projects in his city of birth and residence in a unique way.
The maquettes of all the designs that Herman Hertzberger has made for Amsterdam have been brought together for the exhibition. This cityscape in miniature showed realized plans of course, but also unbuilt projects, unexecuted competition designs, urban design schemes and a building (Linmij) now demolished. The visitor was taken on an imaginary journey through Amsterdam as drawn by the architect over the years.
On show were highlights such as the Students’ House, the Drie Hoven, the Apollo Schools and Montessori College Oost. Among the other realized projects were the Haarlemmer Houttuinen, the Bijlmer monument and the DWR office building. Unrealized designs included those for the Town Hall, the Conservatory and the Stedelijk Museum; designs which would have been arresting landmarks in the city. Also on show was the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science building, a project that will take shape over the coming years. What’s striking is the large number of schools Hertzberger has designed in Amsterdam.
The exhibition charted Hertzberger’s career, from the early student projects in the mid-fifties to future schemes.