Fraijlemaborg 133
Centrumgebied ArenA
Joost Ector
Hoogstad Architecten
Hevo Bouwmanagement
Metro 50 en 54

Amsterdam Bussiness School

The Hogeschool voor Economische Studies (HES) (school of economics) is located near Centrum Zuidoost, close to the ArenA Boulevard and Bijlmer Station. Surrounded by angular office buildings, the HES stands out with its rounded form.

The HES was previously housed in a number of different buildings dotted around the city centre. For reasons of efficiency, it was decided to bring everything together under one roof in a distinctive and pleasing building.

The building is emphatically designed as a unit and has a compact form, inspired by an Egyptian statue of a hippopotamus. With a long, taut elevation on the north side, the building turns away from the busy street, while on the southwest side, a curved glazed façade opens towards an urban square. The main entrance to the building is located here.

In the design of the interior, the aim was to combine various factors that characterize the lives of students, such as uncertainty, excitement and adventure. Spatially, this has been translated in a sequence of different spaces, which are designed to create a surprising effect. For example, in addition to the usual classrooms, there are many meeting areas and ancillary spaces, while voids provide a variety of experiences in the building. The layout is as flexible as possible. On the ground floor are the entrance, media library and four lecture halls, most of which are double storey height. Here, too, is a large void, grouped around which are various facilities, such as an open learning centre, an audiovisual service, a copy shop and a lecture notes sale. On the south side, on the first floor there is an enormous sun space, which extends right up to the roof and is suitable for large gatherings such as graduation ceremonies. (ARCAM/BU)