Het Luycksterrein

Schollenbrugpad 2-84, Weesperzijde 112a-p
Gerard Maccreanor, Richard Schmit
Maccreanor Lavington Architects
Woningstichting De Key/ De Principaal BV
Ursem Bouwgroep, Bot Bouw
Metro 51, 53, 54, stop Wibautstraat
Voorziening, Wonen

The Luycksterrein

Due to the demolition of the ‘Luycks’ mustard and pickle factory in 2002, a site in an early twentieth-century block became available for redevelopment. Five years later, the urban residential area ‘Luycksterrein’ was completed. The site houses an apartment complex with commercial units and an underground parking garage, behind which is an interior courtyard with single-family dwellings.

The apartment complex on Wibautstraat is characterized by a dark-brown brick fa├žade with metal-framed windows. The building’s plinth on the busy street side is extra high and is executed in glass so as to create a dynamic live-work environment. At the rear there is a view of the interior courtyard. The ground-floor dwellings have a garden, while the apartments on the storeys above have a French balcony and full-width concertina windows, so that the entire rear elevation can be opened.

In the interior courtyard, a former brewery building, which is now in use as a studio, has been retained. The thirteen, two-storey single-family dwellings in the courtyard are clad with aged wood. In the floor plan of the dwellings that are closest to Weesperzijde, the difference in level on the site has been solved by situating the garden in a hollow. The living room, which backs onto the garden, is also sunken and is as a result extra high. The quiet interior courtyard, which is comparable to a traditional almshouse courtyard, is accessed via a gateway on Weesperzijde. (ARCAM/YK/MK)