Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol Boulevard, Schiphol
Francine Houben
Schiphol Hotel Property Company
Commercieel, Hotel

The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was completed at the end of 2015. The striking design by Mecanoo is situated in the traffic interchange around the WTC Schiphol. It replaces the old, adjacent Hilton, built in 1973, which was demolished following the completion of the new hotel. With 433 rooms, the new hotel is considerably larger than its predecessor. It also contains, among other things, meeting rooms, a conference centre, lounge areas, a function room and a parking garage.

The hotel is situated in a prominent position. Visitors travelling to the airport on the A4 motorway pass the hotel on their way to the parking garage. Moreover, the area is a popular, prime location for international companies. The design fully exploits this unique position. The diamond-shaped façade pattern is diagonally rotated. In addition, the building volume is rotated 45 degrees in relation to the plot. The building’s rounded corners echo the curves in the road and the whole creates a playful contrast with the rectilinear, functional buildings around Schiphol.

Entrances & atrium
The hotel is accessed via two main entrances. The first is located at ground level and connects the hotel reception and restaurant with the immediate surroundings. The second access is via a walkway that leads directly from Schiphol Plaza to the conference centre on the first and second floors. The spacious atrium is an eyecatcher. Daylight enters through the 42 metre high glass roof and a large window in the north elevation. The white balustrades in the interior reflect the light, reinforcing the sense of spaciousness.

Dutch Touch
The hotel’s interior was designed by The Gallery HBA and Merkx+Girod. The design takes as its starting point the ‘Dutch Touch’. Dutch culture and the local landscape recur in details such as carpets, patterns and tiled walls. Thanks to this detailing, materials such as stone and steel have a warmer aura.