Headquarters Waternet

Spaklerweg, Korte Ouderkerkerdijk
Bedrijventerrein Overamstel
Herman Hertzberger
Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger
Ballast Nedam
Metro 51, 53, 54
www.hertzberger.nl www.dwr.nl
Bedrijven, Kantoren

New headquarters for local water institutions

This office building is located in a prominent location on the Amstel, to the south of Amstel Station. The building comprises two fourteen-storey towers, each with a flat and a curved elevation. The straight ‘backs’ are at right angles to each other and are oriented to the river and the city. The towers turn towards each other, above the shared entrance foyer, with their convex fa├žade surfaces. The chosen form and positioning of the towers leaves important sight lines open.

On various levels the towers are connected by transparent elevated walkways, one of which has a double height. The eighth and ninth storeys form the heart of the building. Here, there is an urban square with a brasserie, a meeting centre and a conference hall. Tall strip windows provide a stunning view of the surrounding area. The elevations consist of strips of fenestration, between which are aluminium bands. On the curved sides, the aluminium bands narrow increasingly towards the middle so that the glass is given full play and the rhomboidal steel load-bearing construction, which allows the offices to be column-free, is clearly visible. The western tower rests on a plinth, which is designed as a grass-covered dike and which gradually merge with the natural waterside. The plinth houses a parking garage and service spaces. The east tower stands on stilts in a large pond, from which rainwater is filtered for reuse in the building. (ARCAM/BU)