Plantage Middenlaan
Zwarts & Jansma
Interimbeheer Hortus Botanicus Plantage
Tram 9-14-20; bus 22-32
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1991-93, Amsterdam, 1994, p.124-25.
Groen, Leisure

Three-climate glass house for the Botanical Garden

The hothouse for the Hortus Botanicus is designed for plants from tropical, subtropical and desert climates. It varies in height from four to eleven metres and covers a surface area of 1500 square metres.

The spatial structure has two main alignments, expressed in the trusses, which extend from the front to the rear façade. The extremely slender main bearing structure forms a grid of attachment points which absorb tensile forces and allow variations in height. The secondary structure attached to this is made of cheaper standard elements from commercial glasshouse manufacture. These reduce the grid in the roof and the façades to the size of the standard glasshouse system. The columns of the main structure transmit the weight of the roof, together with the wind pressure transmitted from the secondary structure, to the foundations. From the high glass wall along Nieuwe Herengracht, the multiple geniculate roof declines in height to the garden side. (ARCAM/BM)