‘Huis IJburg’

Pedro Nunesstraat 22
Steigereiland, IJburg
Marc Koehler
Marc Koehler Architects
Particuliere opdrachtgever
Goldewijk, Bricx
Tram 26, halte Steigereiland
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2006-2008; ARCAM POCKET 21. Klik hier voor de verschillende boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Amsterdam school and sustainability

The image of Steigereiland, which is part of IJburg, the city’s eastern expansion area, is largely determined by the contributions of private clients who seize the opportunity to build their own home here. The architect Marc Koehler worked for one such client. His house, build on a narrow plot, has three bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet on the ground floor. The space between the bedrooms and the sanitairy facilities has been kept open so that it can function as a work, play and hobby area. This hall also connects the small front garden with the back garden. The living room and the kitchen are situated on the first floor. The pipes, cables, and ventilation ducts are integrated in a remarkably thick wall as a wall unit, so that here too, soace could be left open.

Considerable efforts has been made to give the house an ecological character. For example, use is made of both active and passive solar energy and a heat pump. The exterior wall plays a unique roll. The brickwork is reminiscent of the architecture of the Amsterdam school. Perforated bricks project façade at regular interfalls in order to provide support for hanging and climbing plants, so that in time the façade will look like a vertical garden. At the first floor level, plant boxes incorporated in the wall enable the fruit and herbs growing in them to be picked via the kitchen window. On the floor above, the exterior wall provides shelter for the roof terrace, where chickens wander around in the greenery. (ARCAM)