Private dwelling Lisdoddelaan 136

Lisdoddelaan 136
Klein Rieteiland
Aad Lambert
Architectenbureau Aad Lambert
Amstelvliet Bouw BV
Tram 26, halte Ruisrietstraat

Private dwelling with architect’s office

This house-cum-architecture office stands on a plot of average five metres deep which narrows to a point. The street facade, forty metres in length, is opaque. In the middle there is a gateway which leads to a patio. The open water is visible from the street through the glass vestibule. The garden facade, also of considerable length, is transparent and faces the canal; nearly all the rooms are aligned towards the water and the view.

The contrast between the street side and the garden side of the house is accentuated by the building materials: concrete with a printed pattern of reeds for the street facade, and glass for the garden facade. The first floor is surrounded by glass on all sides, making the second floor seem to float. The hardened glass cladding of the second floor reflects the rippling surface of the water. (OGA)