Huys Europa

Oostelijke Handelskade
Oostelijk havengebied
B. Medic en P. Puljiz
de Architecten Cie.
Vanaf Amsterdam CS stadsbus 32 en 43, of tram 26.
A. Wezenberg (ed.), Woningbouwplannen Amsterdam 1999/2000, Projectdocumentatie, Amsterdam, 2000.
Kantoren, Wonen

Building with homes, offices and commercial space

Nieuw Europa 1 is one of four blocks in the Nieuw Europa project being built by IBC/Heijmans on Oostelijke Handelskade. The new blocks are grouped around two existing harbour warehouses, Pakhuis Amsterdam and Pakhuis Afrika, which are being rehabilitated and converted for new uses as part of the same project.

An aim of the Nieuw Europa project is to attain a mix of different functions. Nieuw Europa 1 is consequently planned to house living, working and commercial spaces. Inside the building, the different functions are spread over three different layers. The three layers are also clearly visible in the exterior of the building. The bottom layer contains the main entrances, dwellings, offices and three commercial spaces. The structural design, with glass walls, steel columns, diagonal struts and girders, gives this layer a transparent but sturdy-looking appearance. The middle part of the building consists of a concrete framework containing four floors of office space. The Dutch multinational Ahold has had its headquarters here since 2005. The top layer of the building is filled with twelve spacious apartments. The facades of the apartments are again highly transparent in execution, so that their occupants may enjoy panoramic views over the city. (ARCAM/TJ)