Oostelijke Handelskade
W.J. Neutelings Architectuur
Blauwhoed Vastgoed en Eurowoningen
Bus 32-39-43
J. Rodermond, 'Elegantie en evenwicht', de Architect, maart 1993, p.34-37; J. Rodermond, 'Heterogeen maar gelijksoortig, de onopgemerkte doorbraak van het postmodernisme', de Architect' januari 1999, p. 27-33; Ed Melet, 'De intelligente efficiƫntie', de Architect, themanummer 60 (Architectuur en constructie), p.29-33; Maarten Kloos, 'Hart voor een woongebied in wording', Archis, no. 4/1994, p. 2-3.
Voorziening, Wonen

Residential tower with 68 apartments and shopping centre

The tower is situated on Oostelijke Handelskade, in the centre of Oostelijk Havengebied, and marks the link road between the islands Borneo/Sporenburg and KNSM and Java-eiland. The twenty-storey tower contains apartments and a supermarket on the ground floor. The slab base of the building is clad with dark grey concrete brick, the tower is faced with white cement slabs. The faƧade is pierced here and there by openings in the form of slits, squares and T-squares. These have a cladding of reddish brown slabs.

Because of these openings, each elevation and the floor plan of each storey are different. As a result, there is a great diversity of dwelling types, ranging from small studios to large duplex apartments with roof terraces. The openings also give the tower a sculptural character and, together with the strips of fenestration, which are staggered in relation to each other, the exterior its distinctive appearance. The tower stands on a base which contains a car parking level, a multifunctional space and a supermarket. The architect also designed the adjacent shopping centre, making use of the iron framework and trussed roof of a cotton and cacao warehouse built in 1915. The departure point was to design a building which was as open as possible. This is why there are side passages connecting Oostelijke Handelskade with the IJ. (Bu)