IJburg Blok 128

Navagatiepad, John Hadleystraat, Edmond Halleylaan
Steigereiland, IJburg
Robert Alewijnse, Richelle de Jong, Chris de Weijer
DP6 Architectuurstudio
Delta Forte
KBK Bouw
Tram 26, stop Steigereiland
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2011-2012; ARCAM POCKET 25. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

45 different dwelling types

The urban design scheme for the Zuidbuurt area of Steigereiland consists of five parallel strips of buildings separated by wide, treelined avenues. The strips are marked at the ends, on the side of the busy IJburglaan, by large building volumes.

The L-shaped Blok 128 is situated in the last strip, with on one side a view of Steigerpark. The open side of the L is oriented south-east and has a view over the water. The block contains 71 social rental dwellings and 10 owner-occupied dwellings. There are parking spaces and a communal garden in the inner courtyard. The project came into being through residents’ participation. In 2006, Stadgenoot, in collaboration with DP6, started a design process in which the future residents, urban renewal candidates from the city’s Nieuw West district, were closely involved. They had a say in, among other things, the design of the block and the layout of their own homes. Together, all of these preferences resulted in 45 different dwelling types, which vary as regards size, floor plan, orientation and type of exterior space. In accordance with the urban design framework, the elevations on the outside of the block have been designed as flat as possible. On the inside of the block, cantilevers were allowed and different types of exterior space, such as glazed sun rooms, balconies and oriels, could be considered. Because residents were able to choose where in the building they wished to live, in effect they determined the final façade design. The inside elevation thus gives playful expression to the diversity in the large number of dwellings. With its dazzling white elevations and pale green glass balconies, the complex has a fresh, crisp appearance. (ARCAM)