Pampuslaan 1
Haveneiland Oost, IJburg
Erik Schotte
LIAG architecten en bouwadviseurs
Ateliers interieurarchitecten
HEVO, Ymere
Bouwcombinatie Huib Bakker Bouw & De Geus Bouw
Tram 26, stop Pampuslaan
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2011-2012; ARCAM POCKET 25. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.
Leisure, Onderwijs, Wonen

School building with centre function for IJburg

Initially, a school building with a sports hall was planned for this site. However, in order to meet the requirement for a tall, eye-catching volume, 23 dwellings and a number of public functions have been integrated in the plan. The dwellings are situated above the school with the sports hall on the roof.

IJburg College slots neatly into the bend where IJburglaan becomes Pampuslaan and stands out from the surrounding development with its striking façade, clad with anthracite-coloured, folded metal sheets. Around the windows, these sheets are positioned diagonally inwards, creating an effect of depth in the façade. This effect is reinforced by the projecting balconies of the dwellings. The façade appears to change colour in different weather conditions, ranging between matt black and silvery grey. This dynamic appearance is continued in the staggered storey heights and the contrast between the rounded volume in the bend and the rectangular building in IJburglaan and the square. Daylighting and openness played a key role in the design. A glass roof delivers daylight into the central hall, the heart of the school, giving it an atrium-like appearance. This hall gives access to the classrooms and to the public functions, including the sports hall, several theatre auditoriums and a grand café. The building’s sturdy, dynamic form underlines the complex’s function as a centre for IJburg. (ARCAM)