Information centre and offices New Deal

C. van Eesterenlaan (oorspronkelijk)
Heren 5
Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij New Deal
Intervam-Noordwest BV, Almere
Bus 32-39-43-59
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-96, Amsterdam 1997, p.72-73.
Kantoren, Voorziening

Floating pavilion with information centre and office space

In 1995 the development company New Deal held a competition for temporary office accommodation. The idea was for an eye-catching pavilion which could accommodate the estate agent’s office for the dwellings being realized on Borneo/Sporenburg, two peninsulas in the Oostelijk Havengebied (Eastern Docklands).

The brief required an identifiable image, because the office was to be situated in an area where an entire residential district is under construction, and which lacks urban spaces such as squares and streets. Heren 5 won the competition with a design for a structure which attracts the attention of the visitor by a light-column. The pavilion is composed of ready-made building units, linked together to house all the offices and other spaces. Rough planks function as the entrance, sunblinds for the building units and as a roof for the presentation, conference and film rooms. The entrance and the exhibition space are situated on the first floor. When the district is finished, the office will be redundant and will be demolished. The planks can be reused and the building units (on which there is a deposit) returned to the manufacturer.

After completion of Borneo/Sporenburg, the pavilion has been towed to a new location, where it serves as an office for development combination De Bongerd. This firm is involved in the development of housing area De Bongerd in Amsterdam-Noord. (ARCAM/BM/DW)