Applications Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2019

Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2019 open for applications!

Ru Paré Community, winner Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2019. Photo Marc Faasse

The Amsterdam Architecture Prize (A.A.P.) is an initiative of the Amsterdam Architecture Centre and is specifically an award for both architect and client. With this event we want to map out the most important developments, celebrate the value of architecture and create a networking event.

All projects that have been or will be completed within the municipal boundary of Amsterdam in 2018 will compete for the Amsterdam Architecture Prize. If you would like your project to be considered, a number of details are required.

How to submit
Via the link below you can fill in the details in our registration form.

There is no maximum number of entries per architect or client.
We would like to receive the data, at the latest in week 51 (23 December).

For questions you can contact Mirjam IJsseling by phone or e-mail, via or 020-6204878.

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