Jan de Louterhof

Slotermeerlaan 105
Frans Klous
Klous en Brandjes Architecten BNA
Bouwontwikkelingsmaatschappij Duijncroft BV
Tram 7
Stedelijke Woningdienst Amsterdam, Woningbouwplannen Amsterdam 2001/2002, projectdocumentatie, Amsterdam, 2002
Kantoren, Voorziening, Wonen

Apartments on Slotermeerlaan

The apartment complex on the corner of Slotermeerlaan and Jan de Louterstraat has traditional solid brick elevations, pierced by large recesses. These recesses contain randomly positioned set-back balconies and projecting sun rooms, giving rise to a lively street frontage. The buildingÂ’s U-shaped ground plan encloses an atrium garden.

The complex contains 55 apartments, with a wide diversity of dwelling types. The apartments are accessed via stairwells and galleries situated on the inner garden courtyard side. Space is reserved on the ground floor for social, cultural and office facilities.
The building volume has a stepped structure, with the number of storeys dropping from east to west, thereby fitting in with the existing urban fabric. (ARCAM / TJ)