Joop Westerweelschool

Balboaplein e.o.
Paul Wintermans, Tjeerd Wessel
Quist Wintermans Architekten
De Principaal, Stadsdeel De Baarsjes
Van Wijnen
Onderwijs, Wonen

School combined with dwellings

Demolition of the old Joop Westerweelschool freed up a building site of one hundred by fifty metres between Admiralengracht and Balboaplein. The new project extends the urban structure of the De Baarsjes district of Amsterdam. The school is situated on the public square and incorporated into the volume of the residential block.

The residential block encloses a courtyard which is partly occupied by the school at ground floor level. This is the location of the submerged gym. A playground for the youngest children is provided on the roof of the gym.

Facing the canal, Admiralengracht, the block is coordinated with adjacent blocks. These are similar in their general architectural design and together form the walls alongside the canal. The ground-floor dwellings are accessed directly from the street. Those on upper floors may be reached via four staircases which are linked by galleries. At the block corners and above the school, the dwellings take the form of flats; on either side of the school and in the side streets, they are maisonettes.

The principle skeleton of the building is executed in concrete. The facades are finished in brick and slate. The windows of the stairwells and of the car park entrance were designed in collaboration with an artists. (OGA/ARCAM)