Kaffeepur: Le, Oscar, Tadao and Ludwig

Arcam now sells four types of coffeebeans that not only have the names of  world famous architects but also translate their design principles into taste.The Swiss brand merk Kaffeepur introduced Le, Oscar, Tadao en Ludwig.

At Arcam you can buy boxes of 400 and 800 grams for 25 and 35 euro.
Keep this product in mind as a gift for the upcoming holidays!


The Ludwig Espresso has a typical skin and bone architecture; the static, the “bone” is formed by the Java Robusta extra large bean. The use of a proportionally exact counterbalanced set of selected Arabica premium coffees creates a blend of amazingly versatile use. A unique “International Style“ so to speak.  We’re afraid the saying “less is more” does not apply here, this coffee can get you addicted.

The centre, the core of the aromas of this fine Espresso blend does not reveal itself in the first moment. There is no direct access. But once one has arrived, one is overwhelmed by its minimalist power, the geometric aesthetic of this coffee. This blend requires only 2 specialty coffees. Despite this ascetic selection the result is nonetheless an espresso that reflects the harmony between nature and the culture of coffee completely. Anarchic somehow.

For the small, daily joy of life all one needs is this espresso. With the first sip one’s taste buds feel the soft, sensual curves of the coffee aroma universe. A dream of fantasy, tropical cheerfulness and at the same time full of soul. It’s not only communists who want a better world; so does this soft and at the same time futuristic coffee! Bold and unconventional.

This espresso blend is free of all clutter. Only the unadulterated aroma counts. No frills, no unnecessary ingredients. The few but essential building blocks of this coffee are a Robusta bean from India and two Arabica beans from Colombia and Ethiopia. Only when enjoying this bare-essentials espresso blend does one truly learn to appreciate the pure aesthetic of the coffee bean. The memory of it will set like reinforced concrete. Brutalism naked.