MTV Networks Benelux office

Neveritaweg 6
Herontwikkeling: Max van Aerschot (origineel G.J. Langhout)
2007 (1909)
Bedrijven, Kantoren

From carpentry workshop to MTV headquarters

Up until 1927, the carpentry workshop formed a single unit together with the forge on Oostenburg. In that year, they were relocated to the NDSM site where they were rebuilt separately. The woodwork and panelling for passenger ships was produced in the carpentry workshop.

Like most of the buildings in the NDSM yard, the carpentry workshop fell into disuse in the eighties. Nevertheless, the building was given national listed status. This made the task of redevelopment difficult for the architect Max van Aerschot. Moreover, MTV stipulated that the redevelopment had to be completed within one and a half years.

The architect succeeded in this, and in February 2007 the 160 employees at MTV Networks Benelux moved into the 5,000 square metres of offices and recording studios. The redeveloped building is characterized by the interplay between old and new, with a striking glass extension on the exterior and a preserved steel truss in the interior. (ARCAM/TV)