Office building (Blok 49a1)

Krijn Taconiskade 444
Haveneiland Oost, IJburg
Felix Claus, Dick van Wageningen
Claus en kaan Architecten
AM Wonen
Heijmerink Bouw
Tram 26, stop IJburg

Minimalistic office design

IJburg’s inner harbour is situated on Haveneiland Oost, near the bridge to the future Centrumeiland. The harbour and the surrounding area fall under the sub-plan ‘Havenkwartier’, which stipulates that the development around the water should have a mixed character and should contribute to a vibrant harbour atmosphere.

With an eye to the creation of a varied frontage, the blocks that are situated on the harbour are divided into relatively narrow plots, which are being filled in by various clients and architects. This is also the case with ‘Blok 49’, which is located on the northeastern side of the harbour. The new Amsterdam office of Claus en Kaan Architecten has been built on one of the corners.

The minimalistic design comprises a six-storey office building, whose high ground floor has space for bars and restaurants or other commercial functions. The four floors above contain office spaces. The top floor houses a library, which is situated on a secluded patio. By locating the staircase, lift, installations and other facilities at the rear of the building, it was possible to keep all of the spaces open. The offices have a maximum height because there are no lowered ceilings. The façade consists of prefabricated concrete elements and is load bearing. The windows, which are about as large as is technically possible, form a strict grid, giving rise to an abstract building that is reduced to its essence.