Office building Fri-jo Lichtreclame

Netwerkweg 21
Cornelis Douwesterrein
Patrick Koschuch Architecten, Rene Bos
Fri-jo Lichtreclame
Pro Build NH BV
Bus 91, 94 stop, Keerkringpark
Bedrijven, Commercieel

Office building

Cornelis Douwesterrein, a large industrial park, comprises two sections. One section is intended for large-scale companies, while the eastern section is for small-scale enterprises. An urbanistic plan has been drawn up for the latter section. It stipulates, among other things, that buildings must stand in the building line over the entire width of the plot and that parking and loading and service areas must be on plot.

Fri-jo Lichtreclame is the first building to be completed, and it stands in a visibly strategic position. The two-storey building comprises three components: an office space, a production area and two lettable units, which can be linked and added to the production area. The various components are visually connected by a patio and a large terrace. These open spaces create views in and through and, together with the large windows and the glazed partitions, they give the building an open and light character.

A large spiral staircase connects the foyer with the director’s office and also gives access to a showroom. A large sliding wooden door in the showroom leads to the terrace. In order to weld the parts into an architectural whole, the various components have been executed in the same materials. The exterior elevation consists of uniform steel frames with different infills; some are glass, others are solid or perforated steel plates. This gives rise to a chequered pattern over the entire fa├žade, which is interrupted only on the sides of the building by large doors, which are executed in a different material. (ARCAM/YK)