Office building Keypoint

Toetsenbordweg 22-26, Disketteweg 3
Migiel van der Palen, Dick Venneman
Dedato ontwerpers en architecten
Keystone Vastgoed
Pleijsier Bouw
Bus 91/94, stop Keerkringpark +10 min. walk
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2010-2011; ARCAM POCKET 24. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.
Bedrijven, Commercieel

Keypoint offices

Keypoint, Dedato’s latest project, is easily recognizable as a product of an office that is specialized in designing robust commercial buildings that appeal to creative companies. The Dedato signature, chiefly derived from a precast concrete structure, fits in well with the industrial ambience of Cornelis Douwesterrein, on the north side of the IJ.

The sturdy complex is composed of three equal sections. From each section there is a view through a curtain wall of the IJ and this orientation to the south explains the three diagonally projecting concrete canopies, which screen the spaces behind and below from the sun. As a result, the complex has a short sawtooth front elevation, which lends a certain dynamism to the whole.

Each canopy accentuates an entrance on the right-hand side, behind which is a ten metre high atrium with a steel staircase and a glazed lift shaft. The windows on the slightly projecting, double height ground floor are flanked by wooden shutters. To the left of the slender end of the canopy are dispatch doors that lead to a storage space. Behind this is a half-sunken parking garage that is accessed at the rear.

That this multi-company building is aimed at the creative industry can be inferred from the fact that the upper storeys are called studios. These spaces receive direct daylight via the south-facing windows and deeper inside the studios via patios that are cut out of the block. On top of the ground floor projection is a narrow terrace. (ARCAM/MB/MK)