Vinoly office building

Gustav Mahlerlaan
Rafael Viinoly
Rafael Viinoly Architects
Van den Oever Zaaijer & Partners architecten
Consortium Mahler4
G&S Bouw
Metro 51
Cees Geldof, Harry Wien, 'Mahler4, wonen en werken in het hart van de Zuidas', Plan Amsterdam, nr. 6 (DRO), oktober 2004.

Office tower with glass facade

The ‘Mahler 4’ sub-area is the first part of the new city district the Zuidas (South Axis) to be developed. Mahler 4 comprises a group of six small towers and a residential building. The urban design scheme prescribed that the towers should be composed of a plinth, a middle zone with offices, dwellings and roof gardens, and a tall tower. In addition, considerable attention was to be given to the organization of the public space in and around the buildings.

The building’s design comprises a six-storey basement from which a tower rises on the northwest corner. The internal organisation is standard, with two concrete cores with service spaces surrounded by a steel construction. The office spaces are situated around the cores along the elevations and, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass, have a breathtaking view. A stairway cut into the building’s exterior elevations spirals upwards, creating a characteristic line which gives the building a strong identity. (ARCAM/BU/EW)