Kavel 206a, Amstel III

Hondsrugweg, Hoogoorddreef
Bedrijvensterrein Amstel III
Centrumgebied Zuidoost
DRO Amsterdam, Joost Valk Architectuur & ZZ&P, de Architekten Cie., Benthem Crouwel
KCAP Architects&Planners
Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam
Metro 50, 54 halte Bijlmer

Clustering of office buildings

Kavel (plot) 206a was one of the last, large open spaces in the heart of the office location and business park ‘Amstel III’ in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The plot measures approximately 200 by 200 metres and is situated at the junction of two major roads near Bijlmer Station.

A grid divides the building area into nine sections measuring 51x51x38 metres nett. KCAP drew up a plan based on the idea of a labyrinthine ensemble with nine office buildings, to be designed by various architects.

In order to create unity as regards the quality and aura of the buildings, rules were formulated with respect to materiality, spatiality, transparency and the filling in of the floor area. It was also stipulated that the blocks were to be partially ‘hollowed out’. Thus, patios, atria, overhangs and voids create variety as regards both the daylighting and the view from the buildings. The key binding element in the whole is the communal traffic deck at first storey level. Cars reach the deck via ramps in order to drive up to the entrances to the various blocks. In addition, these entrances and the adjacent pedestrian areas can be accessed via various lifts and stairs from the half-submerged parking garage. The fact that the carefully designed deck also functions as an attractive communal exterior space makes the complex interesting both architecturally and socially. (ARCAM/Bu)