Children’s day-care centre JoJo

Wiltzanghlaan 38
Architectengroep 69 Groenhout
Stadsdeel Bos en Lommer
Bus 12-15-18
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-96, Amsterdam 1997, p.90-91.

Day-care centre in two layers

The programme for this site comprised a children’s day care centre for three baby groups, three toddler groups and two after-school groups; in total over 100 children. Because of the site’s limited surface area, the building has two storeys.

For various reasons the floor plan is based on a stepped, diagonal composition. This form improves the connection with the buildings on the east side of the site. The roof overhang follows the building line and on the south side this creates a covered play area. There are long sight-lines from all group rooms. Because of the stepped composition, the corridor is divided into small play areas next to each classroom which are more or less enclosed.

For functional reasons the central facilities, such as the kitchen and ofiice on the ground floor, are situated around the central play area. Here too are the spaces for the baby groups, each of which comprises a playroom and a bedroom and has direct access to the covered play area. The toddler groups and the after-school groups are situated on the first floor and have a play area on the north side of the building. (ARCAM/BM)