La Grande Cour (zuidblok)

Westerdokskade/Westerdoksdijk e.o.
Westerdokseiland, IJoevers
Heren 5 Architecten, Meyer en Van Schooten architecten, de Architekten Cie.
City Cour Combination VOF, Bouwfonds
SBB Smit's Bouwbedrijf
Bus 48, stop Westerdoksdijk
Bedrijven, Wonen

La Grande Cour

The new-build projects on Westerdokseiland form part of the redevelopment of the Southern IJ Waterfront. The urban design scheme for Westerdokseiland, a former dike embankment with a shunting yard, was drawn up by OD 205, office for urban design, research and landscape, and provides for 900nine hundred dwellings and workspaces in a very high-density development.

For the southern section, three architectural offices designed a complex comprising three buildings with an interior court called La Grande Cour. In this complex, which contains a total of 235 dwellings, the development on the side of the IJ and the road is higher than on the city centre side. A maximum number of dwellings have been situated on the edge of the blocks, from where there is an optimal view of the IJ. Most of the dwellings have a large balcony, while communal roof terraces also afford a view over the old city and over the IJ. The three offices have chosen the same purple-brown stone for the street elevations.

In the interior courtyards are taller, striking volumes, the top floors of which are folded like periscopes over the buildings on the periphery. The periscopes and in particular the interior courtyards differ from one another. Heren 5 architects designed a gently inclined stone court with wooden terraces and tree containers, surrounded by shiny, sky blue facadesfa├žades. In the interior courtyard by the Architekten Cie., the difference in level is bridged with a stately stairway. The interior elevations are faced with vertical aluminium panels, in which the window frames are surrounded by pronounced white borders. In the section by Meyer and Van Schoten Architecten, the deck, in which there is a mature tree, is gently sloping. The fa├žadesfacades here are light grey, with stainless steel safety rails on the galleries. In a highly urban environment, it is the intention that all three courts have a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere. (ARCAM/LM)