Laboratories UvA

Kruislaan 400
Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Tram 9; bus 67
Dave Wendt, 'Benthem Crouwel Architekten - Springlevend zonder praatjes', De Architect 1996-1, p.18-23; Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-96, Amsterdam 1997, p.100.

Laboratory and educational space for the Faculty of Biology

The main structure of the laboratory for molecular cytology is simple. The building is raised, so that traffic on the surface level is not impeded and the entrances are visible on all sides. It is situated between two existing buildings and is linked to them via elevated walkways.

This solution gives rise to one long internal circulation system with which users can reach all parts of the biology complex. It also increases the flexibility of the buildings. The corridor on the first floor functions as access corridor for the building and is also a meeting space. It therefore plays a central role in the complex and this has been expressed in the detailing. For example, along the walls on either side illuminated glass strips have been incorporated into the floor and the ceiling. The corridor is slightly off-centre, as a result of which the rooms are not all the same size. On one side are the offices without climate control, on the other side are the climate-controlled laboratory and lecture rooms. The technical infrastructure is housed in a hollow wall on the south side. All installations are situated on the top floor of the building in a block which seems to hover above the building. (ARCAM/BM)