Lecture – Visiting from: Colombia

“Latin American Hustle” – Practicing architecture in developing countries.

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Pablo Forero & Julian Restrepo, directors of architecture office Taller 301, are visiting Arcam. We invited them to talk about their work and their architecture office. ,

They will share their daily practices of working in architecture and urban design in developing countries. During these practices they often face unique opportunities and challenges. An example is the recently decreasing power of the FARC and drugs cartels in Colombian cities, which creates new urban design possibilities in areas that did not have masterplan before.

Taller 301 is a young company, founded five years ago in Bogotá, Colombia. The firm works on projects that span from architecture, urban strategies, tangible design and utopian ideas. The office is operating on an international scale and through transdisciplinary networks. An internationl team of sixteen architects have a substantial experience in landscape and architectural design around the globe.

Date: 6 May 2015
Time: 20.00h , doors open at 19.30h
Language: English
Fee: €5,- to be payed at the door.

‘Visiting from…’ is a lecture series occasionally organised  by Arcam. We provide a stage for architects and urban designers who are visiting Amsterdam to share their local practices. By organising these lectures, we aim to stimulate the international sharing of knowledge in the field of architecture and urban design.