Sloterkade 161-168
Köther en Salman Architekten
De Principaal
Tram 1-2
Joost Ector, 'Gedomesticeerde industrialiteit', De Architect februari 2000; Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (ed.), Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000.

Residential building comprising new-build and a recycled building

For a former factory site on Sloterkade, Köther and Salman designed a complex with dwellings, housed in a retained factory building and a seven-storey new block, whose top two storeys extend over the old factory. The new-build is set back slightly and between the old and the new section is an entrance gateway, which also gives access to the car park behind.

There is a wide diversity of dwelling types, which range from fifty to 214 square metres in area. The factory building lent itself to the creation of extremely spacious loft dwellings, some of which are four metres high, which are not subdivided, with in the middle only a unit with shower, wc and kitchen. In the dwellings in the new-build, the same spatiality has been sought by means of voids, extra storey height or extra depth.

The design of the elevations arose out of the need to employ a light structure above the old factory building. The front elevation consists of a curtain wall of glass and aluminium. A screen of wooden slats gives a pronounced horizontality. Against the rear of the block, which is clad with corrugated aluminium sheets, is a steel structure with balconies. A large indentation in the new block downplays the mass of the building. The two building sections created by the indentation are interconnected by a steel bridge. (ARCAM/BU)