Mooring site Amsterdam

The summer months 2007 at ARCAM were given over to the theme of acquatic building in Amsterdam. ARCAM was devoting its attention, in exhibition and book form, to the history of life on boats and barges, and to future prospects for floating construction.
Besides floating homes, the topics included a theatre on the IJ waterway, motorways on pontoons, a church ship, a public library and waterborne gardens. Among Amsterdam examples are the floating housing on IJburg, plans for floating neighbourhoods on the IJmeer lake and a floating hostel in the Houthavens area.
The exhibition told the story of the the past, present and future in text, images and models of floating buildings. A spectacular ingredient was the outdoor exhibition which features a collection of waterborne structures, ranging from a historic houseboat to a newly completed floating villa. These vessels moored temporarily in the Oosterdok and were open to visitors.